alabama ayahuasca ceremoniesAyahuasca has radically changed the life of both Matthew “Fisher of Men” and Lauren “Golden Leaf”. Both of these Bona Fide Medicine Man and Woman have completed all trainings and certifications to work with the following Sacred Sacraments or Plant Spirit Teacher Medicines: Ayahuasca or, Psilocybin or “Magic Mushrooms”, Kambo, Bufo, Peyote and San Pedro as well as Sacred Cannabis. Prior to becoming a Medicine Man, Healer and Reiki Master, Matthew “Fisher of Men” owned substance abuse rehabilitation centers in Florida as well as Kentucky. Lauren “Golden Leaf” has been working with crystals, stones, energy as she is also a Reiki Master and divine spiritual guide. Together, this team of spiritual healers assist those who are seeking healing physically, mentally, emotionally and of course spiritually.

Private Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Alabama for Couples, Small Groups 6 or Less

ayahuasca ceremonies near me in alabamaSpirit of Truth Native American Church and Sacred Space Sanctuary are located in Wetumpka, Al and Ava, MO. Private Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Bufo Alvarius and Kambo ceremonies are performed typically from Friday to Sunday with guest leaving on Monday. Friday is their “clean the inside of the cup” night with Sacred Frog Kambo detoxification. This usually lasts about 30 minutes and is completed when the participant purges toxins including negative energies. Saturday is Sacred Bufo ceremony. This is what Matthew and Lauren consider the Breath of Life. In a Bufo Alvarius ceremony, guest consume the medicine by smoking and then holding it in for as long as possible. Most guest will express their deep sense of love and appreciation of the sacred sacrament as it brings them into a true understand that ALL is ONE. Psilocybin and or Ayahuasca ceremonies take place on Sunday. Mother Ayahuasca is the divine feminine and she is rainbows and unicorns at times while other times you may experience very intense emotional healing. Every Spirit Teacher Medicine will help to heal participants in the way that is needed most.

Contact Sacred Space Sanctuary today Matthew “Fisher of Men” 859-489-9317 or Lauren “Golden Leaf”